Hi, I’m David. I started trading on my own account in 2012. I became really enthusiastic about markets and their analysis. Trading is extremely competitive, but also very exciting way, how to earn money. It forces me to work on myself every day and I can use this approach in all aspects of my life. That is what I love the most about it.

I tried day-trading and even automated trading as well, but all these trading styles require too much time. Then I discovered spread trading. A perfect trading approach for everyone, who don’t want to watch computer all day.

I focus mostly on futures interdelivery spreads. Being an engineer by profession, I approach markets systematically and I keep my trading system simple. It’s built around Commitments of Traders analysis, technical analysis, seasonality and basic understanding how changes in the underlying market affects spreads.

There is a lot of trading social networks on the internet, but very few spread traders are involved, who share their trades or ideas. That is the reason, why I founded SYSA trading. And because I try to keep all as simple as possible, I chose a calendar as a sharing platform.

Join me and help to create a unique portfolio of trading signals for spread traders. It’s gonna be fun and enriching.

Just Spread Your Spreads Around!

David Baumgartner
Lazy commodity trader (therefore calendar spreads), diligent founder of SYSA trading, investor (in his health and relationships), amateur guitar player, professional movie fan, and proud dad.