Edition 14 | #NaturalGas

– Investment Strategy SHORT
– Bear spread NGM19-NGK19

COT analysis in Natural Gas confirms an extreme overbought state of a market. That is why I built this bear spread, which is quite cheap yet. There is very nice potential in this trade. I already opened a position at 0,025 with PT 0,040 ($150/contract) and SL 0,020 ($50/contract). The price could do some corrections before it will up. 


Historical chart on TradingView.com

NGM19-NGK19 – Bear spread

Spread chart on TradingView.com

COT analysis

COT analysis on SpreadCharts.com


Seasonality on SpreadCharts.com

Seasonality averages

Seasonality averages on SpreadCharts.com

Trade management
Enter:    0,025

SL:         0,20 ($50/contract) 
PT:         0,40 ($150/contract)

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