Edition 9 | #LeanHogs

– Investment Strategy LONG
– Bull spread HEZ18-HEG19

Bull spread HEZ18-HEG19 goes extremely down. It should go back in standard price channel around 4 – 8 again. It is a bit risky one and there have to come a good price action entry point.


Historical chart on TradingView.com

HEZ18-HEG19 – Bull spread

Spread chart on TradingView.com

COT analysis

COT analysis on SpreadCharts.com


Seasonality on SpreadCharts.com

Seasonality averages

Seasonality averages on SpreadCharts.com

Trade management
Enter:    -11,0

SL:         -12,0 ($400/contract) 
PT:          -7,0 ($1600/contract)

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